Capital Return

I  returned to London with my recently acquired Fuji X-T2. I already own the X100 S. I tend to carry both cameras, to utilize the individual qualities of the X series. 

The weatherproofed XT-2 is outstanding for street shots, the iso button, and shutter speed buttons are lockable and easily accessed on top of the camera. Personal settings for individual buttons is easily achieved on the menu. Really, for street photography, the camera needs to be as simply set up for thought free shooting, apart from getting your composition. Three separate auto iso settings with full range give you that added benefit.

When you are walking inside and out, and the light conditions are changing, but you want to have full control over your camera, quickly, this camera is, without doubt, one of the best on the market.

I always use RAW to get the most out of my images and the 24.3mp sensor really offers you plenty of information to play with. For this trip, I used the Samyang 12mm F2 lens. The lens is fully manual but set to infinity is pin sharp and just about catches all that comes into the frame..

My playback and electronic screen is set to black and white. I tend to use red highlights on the manual assist option to easily see what is in focus and at what depth, this is essential when using a fully manual lens. This along with the film simulations is easily set up in the menu. Those shooting in jpeg can use the amazing acros black and white, which produces outstanding contrast images straight out of the camera. If you are strapped for processing time, this is the way to go.

Here are few samples from the X-T2

Along with me, I took my trusty X-100s. This has the 35mm effective prime lens and slightly more pocketable than the X-T2. I love the inbuilt Neutral Density filter which is easily accessed through the menu. Absolutely wonderful for capturing motion in bright light situations, without messing around with fiddly filters. The silent mode, which is switched on and off at the back button, keeps you as stealth as one can possibly be. It means no pre-focus lights, sound or flash.

Here are a few samples from the X-100S

I find having the best of both worlds, ready at your fingertips, is paramount to success on the streets.

When you are buying a new camera, don’t be too quick to get rid of your old faithful. Better to have a series, and what better than the Fuji X-Series.