Portraitures With Panache

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.                                    Charlotte Bronte

All images have been taken with the Fuji X-Series Cameras

Always focus on the eye nearest to you.

Try to use a light meter to set your camera for the speed of set up and efficiency. I use the Sekonic L-308. Basic, but quality and simple to use. No model likes to sit around while you are getting a sample shot. The light meter has functions for balancing up light if you have two or more light sources.  Simply hold the light meter next to the models face with the ball slightly towards the light source and the direction of the camera. Just remember not to get between the light and the meter. Another function is the flash meter, which is handy if you do a lot of flash work. This is an excellent tool when you are setting up in a studio environment, but not really that useful for those instantaneous candid shots in the street. A wonderful tool to have and there are lots on the market. I would suggest not buying cheap, but consider the amount you will use it. 

Taking the images in RAW provides you with the most information to process to mono or colour.

To keep the catchlights in the middle of the pupil, ask your model to always keep their eyes in line with their nose, looking at the light source.

Try to keep processing to a minimum, so life’s journey tells us a beautiful story.