Shaw Redemption

I recently came across a recently opened real ale café in Selby North Yorkshire called the Doghouse. It is a continental style drinking abode, that is becoming more and more Vogue in Britain, as the old style chains cut their own throats with high rents and passé brews. The premises was opened by the Black Dog Brewing Company, a micro brewery offering a plethora of rich unpasteurised ales to tease the taste buds. Quite ironic that we turn to café style bars as we near Brexit day. ‘Mad Dogs the Englishman stays out in the midday sun’ I am not sure about the sun but you would be a mad dog not to visit. Quotes adorn the walls, giving an artisan feel to an already welcoming oasis.

Fine Unpasteurised Ales
Dick Dastardly Shot

Yorkshire has it’s fair share of characters and these places you can find more than your fair share. With X-T2 in hand, 35mm lens attached and a chocolate ale to satisfy my pudding urges, I chatted to a very interesting character called Julian Shaw. He was only too happy to let me do a little study of him as he revealed tales that would make for excellent bedtime reading.

Ale And A Pork Pie

Cameras today are producing outstanding images at high Iso. I took all these gritty images using manual settings from 4000 to 10,000. All taken in Raw with minimal processing. Don’t be afraid to use high Iso to keep your images sharp, and remember it is better to be noisy and sharp rather than soft and blurry. The X-T2 performs very well.

Yorkshire Tales
Interesting Profile
Mutley Giggle
Judgement Day