Stop Brexit!

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Indeed a great quote by Mahatma Gandhi and personified by the peaceful warriors in parliament square.

Bollocks To Brexit

It was getting late in the evening and the light was diminishing all the time, I wandered through the congregated activists with my X-T2 and 12mm Samyang wide angle lens, to have a little taste of photo journalism. It felt like I had got to a battle field after the main fighting had finished, the gun smoke was still hovering but little skirmishes were still happening. The battle hardened groups were passionately giving their opinions to any politicians and journalists willing to engage, as other groups continued to bare their flags and placards, all be it with a fatigued sway.

“Stop Brexit”! the cry goes out, like a propaganda recording, drip feeding a front line into submission. The man that continually shouts that statement, Steve Bray, left his home in Wales to take up residence in parliament square to try and get results, along with many others from all parts of the country. These flag waving and banner toting folk, take democracy by the hand to promote their disapproval. Of course everyone is happy to have their picture taken to bolster their message far and wide through social media.

‘Bramm Orth Bretmes’ A traditional Cornish curse, meaning a fart to Brexit, definitely negative and odious in description, I am not sure how effective the curse would be, but they hope for positive results in ending Brexit.

There is no doubt that the nation has been divided on a subject that has become painful to all. In days of less peaceful demonstration, civil war may have proffered forced opinions. The main colour theme of these beret wearing fighters though was the united nations blue, to hammer home the advantages of sticking together and to not Brexit.

Lucia Pollan, head bowed but undeterred

Lucia Pollan travelled down to London with her mother, to join the amassed campaigners. After previously taking part in youth strikes for the environment, Lucia felt strongly enough to act and take part like the activists of old. Let’s face it, had it not been for the Suffragette movement, may not have had a vote at all, result!

Thankfully today, my images are less dramatic than the violent clashes of the past, but hopefully can lend a hand to the passionate messengers. The Brexit debacle has seen off technically two prime ministers, one after the initial referendum and the second after a failed attempt to appease both leavers and the remain faction.

End Of Days

After three years of failed negotiations, maybe it is time to stop Brexit.