The Pagan Festival

Autumn moon
incautious in the dark river
Winter’s ghost walks
with a covered face
and silver bones wait in all animals
to be bone cloth upon her shoulder
wait for her happiness in that they are silver” 
― Tamara Rendell, Mystical Tides

True Meaning

It is the season to be jolly and give good wishes. Time to be begging for gifts of all things photography, oh and giving, yes giving. I took this image with my early Christmas X-T2, about November early.


Being folic ally challenged myself, I have often been mistaken for a walking bauble myself, hence my fine array of hats. Indeed another great idea for the photographer, hats not baubles. Not only do hats keep the sun off your head, but with the peak pulled down, you can avoid eye contact in the street. Although some images do proffer some soul from a deep eye contact.

But more often than not, a scene can be damaged by eye contact, turning a candid image into a frowning portraiture. Avoiding eye contact can also lead to far less confrontation. It is amazing how much anger a camera can draw out of a person at times. So keep your head down generally, but if you do make eye contact, smile.

Gift Ideas

Talking of keeping your head down, another great gift idea would be the autobiography by Sir Don McCullin

‘Unreasonable Behaviour’

It is a book about life as a newspaper photographer. It adds a whole new dimension to keeping your head down. It makes conflict on the street look like a Kindergarten juice squabble. I often remind myself of this if anyone comes looking for a confrontation. They are usually very angry at something else, so it is best to just move on.

Lost Thread

Robert Bannister Photography wishes everyone, happy festivities and peace, whatever your beliefs. Have a wonderful healthy new year, you and your animals.